Making Individual or Take-Home Fall Morning Tub Kits

Times are tough! We’re currently either teaching from behind a screen or in-person from six feet away. Our One Chip team believes that routine and engagement are still paramount to kicking off our students’ year in school off right! We want to be able to give you plenty of options so that you can equip your students with the tools they need to have essential hands-on experiences and work and develop fine motor skills.

Morning Tub Individual Kits

We have taken our Fall Morning Tubs and put together these individual kits! These are perfect for both your virtual learners (as take-home kits) and in-person (as individual kits). In this post, we will show you exactly how to easily put your own kits together!

The following image shows a list of items you will need to put your kits together. This list shows supplies for the entire set, which is 10 different activities. Of course, you may choose not to have that many activities in your kits.

Please check out our One Chip Amazon Store for direct links to all of the items! The only item that is not available on Amazon are the bags we used to put the kits in. You can find those bags HERE at Dollar Tree. We have also put a Dollar Tree logo under the items that you can find NOW at Dollar Tree. Keep in mind, many of these items are seasonal and won't stay in stock at the store.

To make your kits, you will need to print the response sheets at a smaller size. This video show you exactly how to do that.

What follows is a brief overview of our ten Fall Morning Tub activities. Please note, these are based on our 1st grade set. The kindergarten set has the same activities, but grade-level aligned content.

Candy Corn Words: Materials include candy corn to build the beginning letter and optional tweezers.

The Fall Find: Materials include acrylic fall pieces (we also have a printable option that you may choose to use instead of purchasing the pieces) and a dry erase marker. Students will sort and graph the shapes and fill out the data on their response sheet.

Feed the Crow: Materials include a small container, corn kernels, clothes pin, and dry erase marker. Students will solve the equation by using the corn as their manipulatives and the crow tweezers to take the corn away to find the answer.

Flick Football: Materials include a flick football and a dry erase marker. (These flick footballs are available right now at Dollar Tree for 2 for $1). Students will slide their football down the field and record their number. They will compare it with a socially distanced friend or a family member at home. Then, they will record who won the point for that round and continue. (Tip: Print the football mat at standard 8.5"x11" size and fold the mat in half to fit in the bag.)

Label the Sticker: Materials include seasonal stickers. Dollar Tree currently has a 12 pack of these cute, little Halloween pens below. Students will pick a sticker and place it in the box. They will then write a word to describe the picture.

Number Links: Materials include links. Students will link numbers together in the correct order.

Leaf Sight Words: Materials include a rake back scratcher and you're ready to go for this sight word game!

Apple Picking: Materials include ten mini apple erasers and a tweezer. Students pick a card. If they can say the missing sound, they pick an apple off of their tree. But, they have to watch out for special cards that may force them to add apples back to their tree. They can play against a socially distanced friend or a family member at home.

Eraser Math: Materials include ten apple erasers and ten pumpkin erasers. Students can use variations of the erasers to fill in the equations.

Pumpkin Patch Hop: Materials include a wind-up toy (currently available at Dollar Tree) and a dry eraser marker. Students will wind up their toy and let it travel to a pumpkin. They will see which word family the toy lands on and write a word under the correct word family on the response sheet. (Tip: Print the Pumpkin Patch mat like you did the Football Field.)

We hope this post was helpful! If you'd like to create individual or take home kits of your own, you can download tags like the ones you see in the picture below! All you have to do is sign up for our newsletter and the link to these free tags will be emailed to you!