OneChipEdu was founded in 2018, by Adam Dovico, Katie Mense, Shawn Pack and Jose Cortez. (Read more on each founder below)

All four founders can regularly be seen together at various conferences around the country, including Get Your Teach On, Get Your Lead On, and Staff Development for Educators. They are all very passionate about education, and helping teachers and students succeed. 

OneChipEdu's main goal is to help teachers reduce time spent on creating and preparing resources, with products that have everything you need, right out of the box! We realize how demanding the teaching profession tends to be, and know from experience how difficult it can be to create and prepare new activities all of the time. Therefore our products are made containing everything you need, as well as everything your students need!

 Adam Dovico

Adam Dovico

Adam Dovico is an accomplished teacher, principal, author, speaker, and professor. He began his career in North Carolina as an elementary school teacher, then worked as a teacher and the school implementation specialist for the renowned Ron Clark Academy, where he traveled across the country conducting professional development and on-site training to schools. Adam returned to his alma mater, Wake Forest University, to train the next generation of teachers as a clinical professor. He currently serves as the principal at Moore Magnet Elementary School in Winston-Salem, NC. Adam is married to his wife Jaclyn and they have two sons, Ryder and Maddox.

Katie Mense

Katie Mense has taught kindergarten for more than 15 years in Southern Illinois, and has a passion for creating fun, hands-on lessons and activities designed to meet the needs of all students. As a student who struggled through school, she truly understands that every student has different needs and learning styles. Katie is a McKendree University graduate, earning a Bachelor of Science in Education and later, a Masters of Arts in education. She also earned an additional 24 hours through a STEM grant at Lindenwood University. She loves to share her ideas and teaching experiences on her award winning blog, “LittleKinderWarriors.”

Shawn Pack and Jose Cortez

Shawn Pack and Jose Cortez are the owners of BERTEAU & Co., a stylish brand of teacher products. From their popular Teacher Planners to tote bags and desk accessories, the BERTEAU & Co.. product line has kept growing and expanding throughout the past 4 years! Shawn Pack is a full time General Dentist and Jose Cortez is a former 4th grade classroom teacher.