Play Doh Fine Motor Compact Kit

Play Doh Fine Motor Compact Kit

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Times are tough! We’re currently either teaching from behind a screen or in-person from six feet away. Our One Chip team believes that routine and engagement are still paramount to student success, no matter the setting! We have created a resource that will help address the need to be socially distanced, the reality of being remote, and the understanding that we should not be sharing materials. 

Our sheet of individual morning task cards come with 27 activities, each designed to utilize the same material: play doh. We also suggest the following optional items for each student: dice, toothpicks, shaping tools, and a small container. All of these items can be found on our Amazon Storefront (link on You can also choose to laminate the cards, in which case a dry erase marker is also suggested. Once you cut the sheet into individual cards, students can spend a few minutes each morning completing a task or more.

Suggested materials list:

  • Play doh: 1 can per student
  • Dice: 1 per student
  • Dry Erase Marker: 1 per student (if cards are laminated)
  • Shaping tools: a few per student (optional)
  • Toothpicks: 20 per student
  • Small container: 1 per student (optional)
  • Sticker label sheet: one pack to print name cards (included) for container (optional)

This item is currently offered in digital download only. Please be sure at check out to include the email address that the digital download will be sent to via Google Drive. Please allow 24 hours to have folder shared.